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Technology and Instructional Support:
Teaching & Learning Centers/Libraries

This page answers questions about the campus Teaching and Learning Centers and about library orientations.

Campus TLCs

The Teaching and Learning Centers (TLC) at Suffolk County Community College are faculty-managed facilities designed to enhance teaching and learning excellence for full and part-time professional staff. The centers, located on each of the three campuses, provide opportunities for faculty and staff to connect with one another. By providing a variety of forums for faculty to confer on teaching issues, the centers encourage cross-campus peer interaction, sharing and mentoring.

In addition, the Teaching and Learning Centers support faculty learning by providing workshops, mini-courses and other learning activities. Educational resources and state-of-the-art technology are available at each campus teaching and learning center.

Here are their locations on each campus, along with a link to their individual websites:

Library Orientations

To schedule a library orientation session for your classes, call the librarians on your campus, and be prepared to give them information about your classes' needs, so that they may tailor the instruction classes accordingly.

    Ammerman - 451-4800*
    Eastern     - 548-2536*
    Grant        - 851-6744*

    * from a campus phone, dial just the last four digits

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