The Executive Council

The Executive Council of the FA is the policy-making body of our union. It consists of the six at-large officers as well as representatives elected by the membership every two years. The EC meets once each month during the academic year to discuss current issues and activities affecting the FA, uphold the terms of the contract and the Constitution and Bylaws, authorize in advance any formal negotiations between the FA and Suffolk County or the college administration designed to modify the current contract, approve committee and other FA appointments, approve the FA budget, certify election results, and conduct other duties appropriate to the body.


Room 224J, Southampton Building    533 College Road, Selden NY 11784
631-451-4151 phone    631-732-4584 fax

Dante Morelli
Dante Morelli

Courtney Brewer
Executive Vice-President

Cynthia Eaton
Cynthia Eaton

Peter DiGregorio
Maureen Arma

Kevin McCoy
Grievance Officer
kevin mccoy

Kim Ng Southard
Adjunct Coordinator
kevin mccoy

Ammerman Campus Representatives
Area Representative
Nursing, Health & Human Services, Physical Education Marlene Kellner
Music, Visual Arts, Theater, Philosophy, Women's Studies Alex Nohai-Seaman
Library, Central Joan Cook
Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences,Criminal Justice Christina Bosco
English David Clark
Accounting, Business Administration, Business Information Systems, Legal Studies Kevin McNamara
Biology and Physical Sciences Matt Pappas
Counseling Ben Laudicina
Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Technology Mike Simon
Math Jane-Marie Wright
Communication, Languages, Reading, TV/Radio/Film Rich Lauria


Grant Campus Representatives
Area Representative
Business, HVAC, CIS, Technology, ETU Coordinator Eric Weinstein
Nursing, Health Science, PE, Veterinary Science Alice Tobin
Social Sciences Jill Malik
Library, Counseling, Media Tara Fagan
Natural Sciences and Math Davorin Dujmovic
Humanities Melissa Adeyeye


Eastern Campus Representatives
Area Representative
Science, Math, Social Science, Business, Nursing, Culinary, PE Nic Pestieau
Library, Humanities, Counseling Mary Schafer
PA / Specialist Representatives
Area Representative
Programmatic Lisa Behnke
Instructional Labs Debbie Gerrie
Technical Areas and Instructional Centers Kevin Wirth

Adjunct Representatives
Area Representative
PAs & Specialists - Skills Centers Shawn Gaffney
Counseling, Education, Freshmen & College Seminar Jenn Micari
Sciences, Engineering, Automotive vacant
Math vacant
Social Sciences Robert Anzalone
PAs & Specialists - Instructional Labs Laura Stone
Foreign Languages, ESL, ASL, Reading Marshal Stein
Retiree, Guild, PAs & Specialists - Programmatic vacant
Nursing, Health Science, and PE Lea Dato
English Kerry Spooner
Humanities Dean Karahalis
Culinary, Fire Science, Library, Electrical Tech, Drafting, Interior Design Priscilla Pratt
Business, Accounting, Communication, and Telecom Marcial Gallimore