The Executive Council

At Large Officers

Room 224J, Southampton Building, Phone: 451-4151, Fax: 732-4584

Kevin Peterman,
Kevin Peterman

Sean Tvelia,
Vice President
Sean Tvelia

Peter DiGregorio,
Maureen Arma

Cynthia Eaton,
Cynthia Eaton

Dante Morelli,
Grievance Officer
Dante Morelli

Kevin McCoy,
Adjunct Coordinator
Kevin McCoy

Ammerman Campus Representatives
Area Representative
Nursing, Health & Human Services Lisa Aymong
Music, Art, Theater, Philosophy, Women Studies Alex Nohai-Seaman
Library, Central Rebecca Turner
Social & Behavioral Studies, Legal Studies Christina Bosco
English Kim Ng-Southard
Business Admin, Business Information Systems, Accounting Kevin McNamara
Biology & Physical Science Matt Pappas
Counseling Matt Zisel
Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Technology Mike Simon
Math Jane-Marie Wright
Communications, Languages, Reading, TV/Radio/Film Melissa Adeyeye


Grant Campus Representatives
Area Representative
Business, HVAC, CIS, Technology, ETU Coordinator Eric Weinstein
Nursing, Health Science, PE, Veterinary Alice Tobin
Social Science Andrea Macari
Library, Counseling, Liberal Arts Bruce Seger
Natural Science & Math Davorin Dujmovic
Humanities Janet Simpson


Eastern Campus Representatives
Area Representative
Science, Math, Social Science,
Business, Nursing, Culinary, PE
Nic Pestieau
Library, Humanities, Counseling Nina Acquavita
PA / Specialist Representatives
Area Representative
Programmatic Lisa Behnke
Instructional Labs Deb Kiesel
Technical Areas and Instructional Centers Andrew Stone
Adjunct Representatives
Area Representative
At-Large PA & Specialists Michael Iasilli
Counseling & Education Ina Casali
Science & Engineering Doug Cody
Math vacant
Social Science Robert Anzalone
PA, Specialist - Instructional Labs Joan Cook
Foreign Languages, ESL, ASL, Reading Marshal Stein
Retiree, Guild Christopher Gherardi
Nursing, PE, Health Science Lea Dato
English vacant
Humanities, Art, Music, Philosophy vacant
Culinary, Fire Protection Technology, Library, Electrical Tech, Drafting, Interior Design Priscilla Pratt
Business, Accounting, Communications, Telecom Marcial Gallimore