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2015 Election Results

At-Large Officers:
Kevin Peterman, President
Sean Tvelia, Executive Vice President
Joyce Gabriele, Treasurer
Marie Hanna, Secretary
Dante Morelli, Grievance Officer
Cynthia Eaton, Adjunct Coordinator

Delegates to NYSUT 2016, 2017 Representative Assemblies and the 2016 AFT Convention:
Pete DiGregorio
Kevin McCoy
Matt Pappas

The proposed amendments to the Constitution & Bylaws passed.

Promotion reminders:
May15: Eligible faculty must submit the A Form cover sheet to their academic chair or other direct supervisor.

June 15: A Forms are due at the campus executive deanís office with copies to your immediate supervisor and the Faculty Association.

The WORD is now available online! To read the current edition please visit:


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