Janus v. AFSCME is a pernicious divide-and-conquer strategy whose telos is to obviate unions and destroy the working and middle class. Its true purpose is to pit members against each other, crush solidarity, weaken the collective, destroy unions and disempower labor. It seems obvious to me that united we stand, divided we fall. - Matt Zisel, Assistant Professor, Counseling (Ammerman)
My membership has afforded me many luxuries in the workplace that I did not have when I worked in a right-to-work state; class size limits, family sick days and personal days were non-existent in my former job. If I had a complaint about the way I was being treated by a supervisor, my only option was to hire a lawyer. I had no chance for tenure, as it did not exist, and due to that I had limited job security. I am sticking with the union, regardless of the Janus decision, and you should too. - Molly Altizer, Associate Professor, English (Eastern)
Many adjuncts, like myself, teach at multiple colleges and have little down time to reflect about why it's important to be a member of a union. If the Janus decision is negative, all of us will wish that we tried harder to keep all of us as dues paying members. If union membership drops to less than 50% decertification will make our contract null and void. Salaries and jobs will then be at the whim of the administration, and they most certainly will be offered at a lower salary with no protections. Everyone should understand, therefore, that we need to retain our collective voice. - Doug Cody, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Chemistry (college wide)
The Janus decision might allow a loss but the ultimate outcome is still in our hands: We can choose to support the FA and retain all we have now and move forward in solidarity and strength. The benefits of our union will no longer be a given but an active choice we must make. If we take for granted what is ours, we will lose it. But if we lose what we have, it is not because it will be taken, but because by neglect we give it away. - Joan Wozniak, PA II, Media Services (Grant)

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