Adjunct Benefits

Health Insurance and COBRA:

Any adjunct member who has worked for two prior semesters and has earned more than $2000 in the prior academic year is eligible to join the county's health insurance plan, the Employee Medical Health Plan of Suffolk County (EMHP), or one of the approved HMO health plan options. Adjunct members are charged the fund rate, not the plan rate, for coverage. For more information, call Employee Resources, 631-451-4200.

Adjuncts who are no longer eligible to participate in the county's health insurance program may continue coverage under COBRA by maintaining the premium payment plus the administrative charge as required under the law provided no other coverage exists. Call Employee Resources, 631-451-4200, for additional information.

Legal Services:

The FA Benefit Fund, 631-732-6500, provides adjuncts and, in certain instances, eligible dependents legal services, including the drafting of a will, at no charge or at a reduced fee by an attorney from the Fund's panel law firm, Mirkin & Gordon, P.C.

Legal services include deed transfer, general consultation, document review, will benefit, personal injury (negligence), living will/health care proxy, planning for the elderly, estates and administration.

Dental Benefits:

Adjuncts and their spouses and dependents are eligible to obtain dental services at reduced rates from dentists who have agreed to accept the FA Benefit Fund's Schedule of Fees as payment in full for the applicable covered services. Contact the FA Benefit Fund, 631-732-6500 for information.

Pensions & Annuities:

Adjuncts may join the NYS Teachers Retirement System and participate in the tax deferred annuity programs at the college. Call Employee Resources, 631-451-4200, for more information.