Faculty Promotions and Continuing Appointment


The fall semester is observation time, and if you are being considered for academic promotion, retention or continuing appointment, you should contact your College Personnel Committee (CPC) representative and/or the Peer Personnel Committee (PPC) representative for your area or campus. Click here for a list of campus and area CPC reps. 

Your PPC rep (a Unit III member) will observe your class and complete the appropriate "B" form. It's advisable to arrange to have a PPC rep present whenever an administrator has scheduled a classroom observation.

It's also important to familiarize yourself with the Guidelines of College Personnel Committee and Peer Personnel Committees. This booklet contains everything you ever wanted to know about the procedures, methods, etc., of the CPC and PPC's.  

All faculty who wich to be promoted are strongly encouraged to attend the Faculty Association's Promotion workshop. This workshop is held on each campus during the spring semester to help faculty through the process. Click here to download the Workshop handout.

Use the menus below to download promotion forms and sample "A" Forms are found below.