Conference Attendance

Photo of FA members at the Community College ConferenceAs negotiated in our contract, Article V, Section G, "Expense reimbursement shall be in accord with the applicable County guidelines per conference regardless of the location of the conference or the date of application for conference attendance.

Recommendation shall not be refused for a conference professionally connected to the faculty member's discipline or his/her professional responsibilities or retraining program. Permission shall not be refused for faculty members who do not have scheduled duties on the date of a conference which would otherwise be proper under the above rules. The appropriate Administrator shall have discretion to approve one or more members who have scheduled duties, if this seems desirable.

If the application for conference attendance is submitted at least six (6) weeks in advance of such conference, the faculty member shall receive at least two (2) weeks' prior notice from the Administration concerning the application.

The faculty member shall have the option to take a College car or his/her personal vehicle or travel by mass transit. Mileage claims for use of personal vehicle or mass transportation will be in accordance with County guidelines."


Funding Schedule:

The two-year reimbursement cycle begins on an odd year and applies to all full-time faculty. Compensation is based upon the latest Memorandum of Agreement effective September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2019:

September 2015 – August 31, 2017 : up to $1,700

September 2017 : up to $1,800

For example: a faculty member may use $1,500 in June 2015 and be eligible to receive up to $1,700 effective September 1, 2015. However, additional funding would not be available to that faculty member until September 1, 2017 at which point the amount would be $1,800.

Pre-Conference Procedures:

  1. Complete an Application for Contractual Conference Attendance (pre-approval) Form using your SCCC ID# on all documents (not your Social Security Number). Submit the form at least six (6) weeks prior to the conference, so you can be guaranteed notification at least two (2) weeks before the conference begins.
  2. ESTIMATE maximum amounts on each line item (within the allotted county/college policies) keeping in mind those costs not considered legitimate expenses (i.e. dry cleaning, local transportation at the conference, car rentals, etc.). A list of non-reimbursable conference expenses is listed by the Business Office at: By checking this list before submitting your forms, you will greatly reduce the chance of your request being delayed or denied. Food allowance is $12/meal (receipts are not required). However, the conference agenda must indicate that no meals were provided for you during the conference. Eligibility for breakfasts and dinners requires the start or end of the conference four (4) hours before or after your normal work hours.
  3. Documentation verifying the conference and your intent to attend (i.e., a preliminary program, acceptance of a presentation papers, etc.) must be attached to the form.
  4. Get your supervisor's approval signature.
  5. Submit the form to your department secretary who will, in turn, send it to your campus business office. Once they have processed it, they will send it to your Executive Dean for approval. Once approved, it is returned to your department secretary who creates the necessary forms in Banner. A confirmation Purchase Order number (P.O.) will be sent to your home once the process is complete.
  6. Campus Business Offices review all forms and may contact the faculty member with questions/suggestions for conforming the form to college/county policy, ensuring timely payment and processing.


Post-Conference Procedures:

  1. Within three (3) months of your return from the conference, complete a Travel Expense Voucher AND a College Business/Contractual Travel Payment Request form, and the original conference application signed by your Executive Dean.
  2. Attach all documentation verifying our conference attendance including:
    1. Original receipts for all itemized expenses (separate receipts for any shared expenses like hotel rooms).
    2. The original badge, brochure, and registration receipts are required.
    3. A conference report (required) summarizing your conference activities.
    4. Proof of meals provided (or not) at the conference (the brochure/agenda should suffice). Itemize all claimed meals, indicating date and type of meal.
    5. Airline ticket/itinerary, if applicable.
  3. Return the voucher to your department secretary who will forward it for final processing.

NOTE: Unless the total amount claimed is more than the initially approved cost or additional items not originally included have been added, no further input on your part should be required.
Timely payment should be received at your home address.



Your Executive Dean has final conference attendance approval. However, once approved, reimbursement is a CONTRACTUAL right guaranteed under our Contract.
Pre-approval is required for reimbursement. Do not assume you have been approved; check with your business office if you have not received verification in a timely manner.
Final approval for reimbursement is from Central's Business office, not the Campus and any questions/discrepancies regarding payment will be from that department.
The mileage reimbursement rate is the one determined by the IRS at the beginning of every calendar year. Effective July 1, 2011, the rate is .575/mile. Use a map service (i.e. Google, Mapquest, etc.) to determine your mileage to and from the conference, using the closer distance (i.e. home or school). Mileage is only reimbursed to and from the conference and not while in attendance.

For travel within Suffolk County, use the mileage form located in the MySCCC portal under the Budget and Finance tab at the bottom right of the screen.