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Professor Jeff Epstein talks about his Sabbatical project with Professor Virginia Horan

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Sabbatical FAQ's

Full-time faculty members, including professional assistants, on continuing appointment shall be eligible for sabbatical leave after each six (6) years of full-time service since joining the faculty (for a first sabbatical) or since returning from a previous sabbatical (for a second or later sabbatical)." If your last sabbatical was seven (7) years ago, you're eligible.

The sabbatical guidelines are not intended to be restrictive; they are intended to encourage a broad range of academic and intellectual pursuits. "Sabbatical leaves may be granted for one or more of the following: graduate study, writing a significant work for publication, doing a significant research project or dissertation that complies with the permitted purposes for a sabbatical and is within the context of professional review, developing a new curriculum or program which is consistent with college plans, or other significant academic or intellectual projects." Bear in mind that the above examples are not meant to be all encompassing.

The application form requires a "Narrative on the Activity," a demonstrated "professional benefit to the applicant," (wherein you "discuss how the activity will make you a better teacher or other professional, or scholar") and/or a demonstrated "benefit to the college" (wherein you "discuss the specific impact your sabbatical may have on carrying out your professional responsibilities, e.g. to teaching; to student learning; to programs, courses or curriculum development; to retraining; or to an institution specific project"). "In addition to existing criteria, applicant[s] must demonstrate that the proposal will involve activity at least equivalent to a full-time teaching/work load, and is beyond the professional activity expected to be performed concurrent with full-time duties."

Nine (9) full-year sabbaticals (at half pay) and nine (9) half-year sabbaticals (at full pay) may be awarded in each academic year. The conversion provision applies, which means that every two (2) full-year sabbaticals left unawarded can convert to one (1) half-year sabbatical. Applications for sabbatical are reviewed by the Sabbatical Review Committee which is composed of four members appointed by the President of the Association and four members appointed by the College President. All application are blind and the committee recommendations for sabbatical awards are based upon merit, by majority vote of the Committee. If a sabbatical recommended by the Committee is not supported by the President, the President shall provide reasons, in writing, to the Committee for the omission.


Sample Sabbatical Applications
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Sample Sabbatical Reports
Science Faculty Report
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