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College Email

Your email account through SCCC belongs to the college and it is one of the "official" ways the college communicates with employees. It is very important that you check your college email regularly and maintain the account by deleting old messages (from the inbox, sent folder, and deleted items folder!). If your email account is full, it will begin rejecting emails sent to you by students, by your academic chair or area supervisor, by colleagues, and others.

Your college email account could be monitored if inappropriate use is suspected. Check the college's Computer Use Policy for details. If you are concerned about the privacy of your personal emails, it may be advisable to have your personal and private emails sent to a different email address separate from the school.

The "SCC list" is an email listserv for the faculty, administration, and staff of Suffolk County Community College through which faculty and administrators can communicate information, events and comments about a variety of issues, some college related, some not. Contact Kevin McCoy on the Ammerman Campus (mccoykj@sunysuffolk.edu) to have your email address added to the listserv.

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