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College Personnel Committee

Kevin Peterman, Chair

Steven Brodsky, English
Cecilia Spellman-Frey, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Dan Gilhooley, Music/Visual Arts/Theatre/Philosophy/W.S.
Conni Green, Nursing/Health/ Human Services and P.E.
Lauri Khan, Communications/Lang./Reading/Phil./Theater/TV,Radio,Film
Art Lundahl, Counseling/Co-op Education
Kevin McNamara, Accounting/Business/Business Law
Matt Pappas, Biology/Physical Sciences
Mike Simon, Engineering/Computer Science/Technology
Yuet Yen, Math

Michelle Fowler, Library/Central

Eastern Campus
Michael Boecherer, All Areas

Grant Campus
Joseph DeFilippe, Business/HVAC/CIS/Technology/ETU Coordinator
Mohini Ratna, Library/Counseling/Media
Gayle Sheridan, Humanities
Phoebe Smith, Natural Sciences/Math
Vacant, Nursing/Health Science/P.E./Vet. Sci.
Dan Wishnoff, Social Sciences

If you have questions, please call the FA office at 451-4151 or at info@fascc.org.


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