Adjunct/Overload Pay


Adjunct/Overload Pay Dates Adjunct overload checks pay periods begin the sixth week of the Fall/Spring semester. You will receive a total of seven checks for the semester. The first Fall 2015 adjunct/overload check will be disbursed in the first paycheck in October and the last check will be in the last paycheck in December.


Credit & Contact Hours
Faculty are paid overload/adjunct based on a contact hour. If a course you teach meets for 3 hours/week/semester, you are paid for 3 contact hours. If the course you teach meets for 5 hours/week/semester, you are paid 5 contact hours. Often the credit hours students earn are equal to the contact hours the faculty member teaches/week/semester. Sometimes, though, a student may earn 4 credit hours but will be required to be in class 5 or 6 hours/week/semester. For those courses, faculty are paid based on the actual hours/week/semester he/she teaches, not by the credit hours the students earn for the courses.


Non-Classroom Faculty
During the day, counselors/librarians are paid: 20 clock hours = 1 contact hour pay
In the evening, counselors/librarians are paid: 18.5 clock hours = 1 contact hour pay
PA/Specialists are paid: 22.5 clock hours = 1 contact hour of pay
(8 contact hours of pay = 180 clock hours/semester or 12 clock hours/week/15 week semester.)


Adjunct/Overload Pay Rates Adjunct/Overload pay rates can be found on the 2015-2019 Salary Schedule.