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June 2016


EC election results for 2016
Cynthia Eaton


Dante EC Orientation
Dante Morelli, FA grievance officer, provides an orientation for newly elected EC reps on June 1. (photo by Cynthia Eaton)

The results of the recent Executive Council elections are in—and are listed below. Congrats to all for winning their elections!

Welcome to our new EC reps, whose names in bold, and welcome back to those who are continuing to serve. A complete list of EC reps (including those who weren't up for election this year) is available on the FA website.

In an exciting new initiative, on June 1, FA Grievance Officer Dante Morelli provided an orientation for newly elected EC reps, which was open to continuing EC reps as well.

"I was concerned about the newly elected reps," Morelli stated. "I remember when I was first elected to the EC. All of the acronyms and union lingo threw me off for a while. I wanted to do something to help ease the transition for other new EC reps."

The orientation introduced some basic union principles, an overview of the FA structure as well as activities/initiatives and information about the responsibilities of EC reps. The presentation was well received by the attendees, so thank you, Dante!


  • Alexander Nohai-Seaman: Music/Visual Arts/Theatre/Philosophy/Women’s Studies
  • Lisa Aymong: Nursing, Health & Human Services, PE
  • Matt Pappas: Biology & Physical Sciences
  • Kevin McNamara: Accounting/Business Administration/Business Law (Bus. Info. Sys.)
  • Kim Ng-Southard: English
  • Judy Travers: Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Justice
  • Mike Simon: Engineering/Computer Science/Industrial Technology


  • Teresa Morales: Library, Humanities, Counseling


  • Alice Tobin: Nursing, Health Science, PE, Veterinary Science
  • Bruce Seger: Counseling & Library

Professional Assistants

  • Andrew Stone: Technical Areas/Instructional Centers
  • Lisa Behnke: PA–Programmatic (for one year)


  • Marcial Gallimore: Business, Accounting, Communications, Telecom
  • Marshal Stein: Foreign Lang/ESL/ASL/Reading
  • Ina Casali: Counseling, Education, Freshman & College Seminar
  • Michael Iasilli: PA-Skills Centers
  • Joan Cook: PA-Instructional Labs