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February 2015


FA members trained for conflict mediation program
Dante Morelli


dante morelli
Our Faculty Association Conflict Mediation Program (FACMP) chair, Dante Morelli, along with Nick Bosco (back) listen carefully to trainer Steven LaLonde in January. (photo by Elizabeth Cone)

Over the course of six days, during the winter break, 13 FA members were engaged in training sessions on conflict mediation.

This background and primer will enable our group to construct the Faculty Association Conflict Management Program (FACMP). We had the pleasure of having Stephen LaLonde as our trainer. He brought more than 30 years of experience as a consultant, mediator and arbitrator.

The purpose of the FACMP will be to provide a safe, confidential space for faculty to potentially resolve and manage conflict among our members.

During this semester, our team will be developing the program with the goal to introduce the program in the fall.

Stay tuned for more information and please read Liz Cone's in-depth perspective into what took place during the training.

Also, here are your 13 trained mediators:

  • Suzanne Barretto-Wansor
  • Nick Bosco
  • Jonathan Brockman
  • Courtney Brewer
  • Elizabeth Cone
  • Misty Curreli
  • Elisa Mancuso
  • Dante Morelli
  • Patty Munsch
  • Matthew Pappas
  • Justin Turner
  • Sean Tvelia
  • Jane-Marie Wright