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November 2014


Retirement workshop valuable for all members
Cynthia Eaton


tim and marie
Tim Southerton, member of the NYS TRS Retirement Board, and FA secretary Marie Hanna at this year's workshop.

The annual retirement workshop, held on October 24, was another rousing success, as dozens of members took advantage of the information available for people considering retirement in the short term or long term.

Representatives from FA Benefit Fund providers and the county Employee Benefits Unit, among others, discussed issues involving financial planning, medical benefits, FA Benefit Fund coverage, NYSUT retiree services, and more.

Members are encouraged to attend, even if they don't have immediate retirement plans.

Participant feedback indicates that faculty find the workshop useful in making decisions about matters such as current savings methods to help plan for retirement. More than half of this year's participants completed surveys, of which 90% gave an overall rating of "excellent" for the workshop.