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December 2016


Adjunct update: New coordinator, NYSUT resolution, certification requests, absences
Cynthia Eaton


Kevin McCoy will serve as the new adjunct coordinator for the FA, starting in January. Kevin has long served the FA in various roles, and we welcome him to his current position. (photo by Cynthia Eaton)

As noted in the cover story for this issue, this is my last semester as adjunct coordinator for the FA after nine years in this role. In January I'll be serving the FA in the role of secretary.

Kevin McCoy is new adjunct coordinator

My immediate successor will be Kevin McCoy, professor of library services, as he was approved by the FA Executive Council (EC) on Thursday, December 15.

Adjuncts with current and future inquiries and concerns should contact Kevin McCoy ( but can rest assured that I'll be working with him to ensure continuity as we make this transition.

NYSUT resolution

Adjunct faculty should also know that FA is currently proposing a resolution that asks our statewide affiliate, New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) to assemble a task force designed explicitly to address the dues structure for adjuncts, especially for those adjuncts who work at multiple NYSUT institutions and pay dues at each. This was passed by our EC at our Thursday, December 15, meeting.

Adjunct certification request process

The deadline for spring certification requests is March 10, 2017.

When you’re first hired your chair or supervisor certifies you for a specific course or assignment. Afterward your chair may opt to certify you for other courses or assignments based on departmental needs and your professional training. These should be put on file in the Office of Faculty and Professional Advancement.

Adjuncts also can request to be certified for additional courses or assignments. Write a letter to your chair or supervisor indicating the specific assignments/courses for which you’d like to be certified. Provide a rationale, citing for example specific graduate coursework; experience at other institutions; and/or relevant professional training, degrees or formal certificates. 

An administrative committee determines certifications based on an analysis of college needs. This means that you may not be certified despite being qualified if the college has a sufficient supply of faculty in that area.

Absences for nonclassroom adjunct faculty

A number of issues have arisen regarding absences in nonclassroom adjunct faculty areas. Adjuncts are allowed one absence equivalent to 1/15 of their assignment per assignment.

For example, if a nonclassroom adjunct member holds one assignment in a lab on Mondays and holds a second assignment in the same lab on Wednesdays, these are two different assignments. Thus, this adjunct is allowed to be absent one Monday and one Wednesday, but not two Mondays or two Wednesdays.