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December 2015


NYSUT Social Services offers free, confidential assistance
Cynthia Eaton


NYSUT social services
NYSUT Social Services offers a host of free benefits to our members including elder care/elder housing, health issues and psychotherapy referrals.

Even though the idea that depression and suicide rates spike during the holiday season has been debunked, the myth persists.

It is true, however, that millions of Americans need a little extra help throughout the year to cope with issues brought on by stress, health issues, disabilities, grief and family care obligations.

Rather than try to go it alone, you have confidential resources available to you through NYSUT Social Services that is free for you and your family.

What can they do for me?

Knowing that stressful situations can arise for all of us, NYSUT Social Services helps by doing the research to find the information or service in your community that you need. NYSUT Social Services can help you:

  • Manage hospitalizations, planned or unexpected; follow your progress through a hospitalization and make sure you receive a safe discharge plan
  • Find support groups or mental health services to fit your needs
  • Locate specialized services for persons with disabilities/disabling conditions
  • Arrange assistance for victims of violence
  • Connect with services for the aging and provide guidance in caregiving
  • Find reliable counseling services in your area for marital and relationship problems or child-rearing concerns (family counseling)
  • Suggest treatment options for addictive behaviors

You can learn more about what's covered by reviewing their specific categories of service online.

Who is covered?

This benefit extends to you as the NYSUT member (whether in-service or retired) and covers your concerns about yourself, your spouse or domestic partner, your children, your parents and your parents-in-law.

How do I contact them?

Our members can simply contact NYSUT Social Services by phone (800-342-9810 x6206) or by email ( to speak with a staff member trained to assist you.

Regardless of what time of year issues arise for you or your family, NYSUT Social Services is here to help you!