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February 2015


You want money? Let me help you get money
Marie Hanna


FA members can apply for professional development funds through the FA to supplement their college conference funds. (photo by Cynthia Eaton)

So your proposal for the preeminent conference in your discipline was finally accepted! You’re excited to give a presentation, but then you realize you’re running low on your annual conference money.

You can’t pass up this opportunity, but you’re unable to pay out of pocket for the travel expenses. The FA faculty development workshops can help!

Now is the time to attend a workshop to apply for some of the $30,000 development and retraining funds for summer 2015 and/or the 2015-16 academic year, which includes summer 2016.

This semester's workshops are all held during common hour:

  • Ammerman: February 4 in the Old Field Room, Babylon Student Center
  • Eastern: February 11 in Corchaug 18
  • Grant: February 18 in Sagtikos 221

Applications are due April 15, so I hold the workshops early each year to give you time to prepare. You can apply for funding for professional development activities, including workshops, short courses, academic presentations, field research, seminars or other similar activities.

At each workshop I share information about and forms for retraining and for development. I also share examples and can help you not only think through what you’d like to apply for but also how to complete the application to maximize your success (which you’ll know by May 31).

Over the years I have gained great pleasure from assisting faculty in this way so they can achieve their professional goals. Please come and let me help you too!