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February 2019


FYI: Highlights from the Executive Council and other news of note


  • Faculty Association demographics: The FA periodically publishes demographics about our membership. Below is an historic overview of full-time FA membership by category, which highlights a recent decline in the number of full-time classroom faculty being hired and a simultaneous increase in the number of PAs and specialists.


    FT faculty by category
    The above chart provides an historic overview of our membership by category, which shows that the number of full- time classroom faculty is at a lower level than it was 20 years ago.

      full-time faculty demographics by rank
    The above chart shows our current membership by rank (classroom rank, PA rank and specialist rank).
    To the right is a quick look at the breakdown of full-time members by rank. Here, the number of faculty in each rank again underscores the decrease in full-time classroom faculty hires.

    In next month's WORD, we will provide similiar information for our adjunct colleagues.

  • Dates for EC meetings and general membership meeting: The Executive Council will meet on the following dates this semester:
    • February 14 @ 3:45
    • March 7 @ 3:45
    • April 11 @ 4:00
    • May 9 @ 3:45
    • May 31 @ 1:00

    In addition, on Thursday, April 11, there will be a general membership meeting at 3:30. Location TBA. The FA will send an all-member email well in advance with the details.

  • Spring 2019 adjunct/overload checks: According to payroll faculty will receive adjunct/overload pay on these dates:
    • February 28
    • March 14 and 28
    • April 11 and 25
    • May 9 and 23
    Faculty teaching early end classes will receive four checks from February 28 to April 11; faculty who are teaching late start classes will receive four checks from April 11 to May 23.

    Fax your elected representatives to increase funding for SUNY community colleges using NYSUT MAC: The NYSUT Member Action Center (MAC) has a prepared letter in support of SUNY community colleges that you can use to easily fax your elected officials. It argues for "an increase of $250 $250 in state base aid per full-time equivalent (FTE) student to raise the per student level of spending to $3,097." Log into the MAC today to complete and send your letter. It's quick and easy, and we hear from legislators that they definitely notice, especially when these missives come in to their offices in volume.

  • Finding your total annual dues for your taxes: For tax filing purposes here’s how to find your total amount of dues paid from January to December 2018: In Banner, click the Human Resources tab, then Pay Stub. Click the Deductions History link at the bottom of the page.

  • Prescription drug claim forms: Prescription drug claims for 2018 must be received by Daniel H. Cook by April 30, 2019. The form is available at the Benefit Fund office, Southampton 224D (Ammerman).

  • EMHP claim forms: Faculty must submit all unpaid 2018 medical claims to Empire Blue Cross by March 31, 2019, to receive reimbursement for covered out-of-pocket expenses. Forms are on the EMHP website:

  • Update your personal email with the FA, please: The FA would like members to update their personal, non-SCCC email address with the FA. Please call (631-451-4151) or email Anita to do so. Thank you!