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February 2019


New year, new start to relationships
Dante Morelli


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When I served as grievance officer, my email and phone were flooded with tensions, unhappiness, frustration and conflict. I listened to a variety of issues where our members were dealing with unpleasant situations in their areas.

Granted, this came from a small percentage of our members, but we all know that conflict contained in one or two areas can evolve outside of our departments and turn into bigger struggles.

Since 2015 the FA has sponsored a conflict mediation program that is both confidential and voluntary. Our mediators, who have been professionally trained by a conflict mediation expert, are an excellent resource for our membership.

We have conducted a few one-on-one sessions and some departmental conflict mediation workshops. Regardless of the conflict, our goal is to emphasize to our members that we aim to make their work lives and environment less toxic and more collegial. If you are interested in having a confidential, one-on-one session with another FA member or in having a departmental workshop conducted, please contact me at 631-451-4151.

Learn more on the Conflict Mediation Program page of our FA website.

A new year brings an opportunity for us to create meaningful, productive relationships with our colleagues. Members of a union that stand together are stronger together.