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November 2018


Adjunct update: Reminders, dates to know and your membership status
Kim Ng Southard


NYSUT fights for adjuncts
  Why adjuncts need strong unions


This is a reminder that once NORA forms are submitted, adjunct faculty must contact their chair or supervisor immediately in writing if their availability changes from what they listed on their NORA. Please note, though, that while chairs and supervisors might be able to accommodate these changes, the college is under no formal obligation to do so.

Adjuncts who seek teaching and PA assignments should communicate their preference for one or the other directly to their chair or area supervisor in writing. Tell your supervisor, for example, that you want a PA assignment if you don’t get a teaching assignment.

Observations for adjunct new hires and adjuncts up for promotion are due the last week of November (specific dates below). If you are in one of these categories, be sure to contact your chair or supervisor to schedule the observation. Also, be sure to have a peer in the room to witness the observation.

Important dates

Here is a list of important dates and deadlines for adjuncts to know:

  • November 17: Assignments posted for wintersession 2019
  • November 26: Deadline for adjunct new hire observations
  • November 27: Assignments posted for spring 2019
  • November 30: Deadline for adjunct faculty promotion observations
  • December 7: FA Holiday Party
  • December 8: Deadline to accept/decline wintersession 2019 assignments
  • December 15: Deadline to accept/decline spring 2019 assignments

Membership information

Approximately 14 percent of our adjuncts are not members and not receiving member benefits such as the following: representation during disciplinary hearings, voting rights, NYSUT and AFT membership, and solidarity with FA peers.

Call the FA office at 631-451-4151 to obtain a membership form if you are not a member, or if you're not sure whether you're a member!

Contact me with adjunct inquiries at, 631-451-4646, or 631-905-6999.