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November 2018


FYI: Updates from the Executive Council and other news of note


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The SCCC Board of Trustees passed an employee social media policy at its August 16, 2018, meeting. The FA encourages members to review the policy and ask if they have questions.
  • New social media policy passed by SCCC Board of Trustees: The college's Board of Trustees passed Resolution 2018.53 Adopting an Employee Social Media Policy at its meeting on August 16, 2018, which was effective immediately.

    We encourage our members to review the policy and inquire with the college director of communications if you have any questions; the policy is on pdf pages 14-17 of that meeting's approved resolutions. The policy addresses college social media sites, department or office social media sites and employee personal use of social media sites. There is also a section on rules of use and social media content guidelines and procedures for college-sponsored social media use. The college director of communications is furthered authorized to develop a guidelines and procedures document to help guide employees.
  • Priority registration begins November 5: The FA and college request your support in sharing information on priority registration with your students. Encourage your students to meet with an advisor now and to register during the time frame that is especially designed for them (they'll see their dates when they log in to MySCCC) to ensure that they are not closed out of the courses they need. Students may visit an Academic Advising and Mentoring Center, faculty member or counseling center now for advisement.

  • Welcome to our newest Executive Council reps: The FA conducted elections last month and is happy to announce that all of our EC positions are currently filled. Our newest EC reps include the following faculty:
  • Ammerman full-time rep for Communication, Languages, Reading, TV/Radio/Film >Rich Lauria
  • Grant full-time rep for Social Sciences > Jill Malik
  • Grant full-time rep for Humanities > Melissa Adeyeye
  • College-wide full-time rep for PAs & Specialists in Technical Areas and Instructional Centers > Kevin Wirth
  • College-wide adjunct rep for PAs & Specialists in Skills Centers > Shawn Gaffney
  • College-wide adjunct rep for PAs & Specialists in Instructional Labs > Laura Stone
  • Check your accruals: The FA reminds members periodically to check the number of their accrued vacation and sick days in MySCCC.