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September 2018


FYI: Highlights from the Executive Council
and other news of note


  • Pay date information: There will be seven adjunct/overload paychecks on the following dates: 9/27, 10/11, 10/25, 11/8, 11/21, 12/6 and 12/20.

    For early end classes, pay dates are 9/27, 10/11, 10/25 and 11/8. For late start classes, pay dates are 11/8, 11/21, 12/6 and 12/20.

    Full-time faculty promoted on 9/1/18 will receive their promotion bonuses (5% of base salary) in a separate check on 10/4.
  • Adjunct/overload pay rates: The current pay rates for adjunct/overload courses are as follows:
professional asst $795
professional asst 1 $937
professional asst 2 $1,035
specialist 1 $1,108
specialist 2 $1,193
instructor $1,226
assistant professor $1,329
associate professor $1,425
professor $1,562
  • Sabbatical workshops: Applications for the 2018-19 year are due by 10/15. Workshops will be held during common hour on the following dates:

    Ammerman — 9/12
    Grant — 9/19
    Eastern — 9/26

    The sabbatical committee has updated the sabbatical application, which is on the FA website.

  • Religious observance policy: The following statement must appear on all course outlines. If your course outline was distributed without this information, add it to your Blackboard class website and direct students there.
    As provided for in New York State Education Law §224-a, student absences from class necessitated by religious observance will be deemed an excused absence, with no academic consequences. Students must notify their professor in advance of their religious observance, via their College email accounts or otherwise in writing, of their intention to be absent from a particular class due to a religious observance; notification should occur at least one week prior to the religious observance. Observing students shall be granted reasonable arrangements and/or be permitted a reasonable amount of time to make up missed quizzes, tests, assignments, and activities covered in their absence. Please refer to the College’s Religious Observance Policy, which is available on the Office of Legal Affairs’ website, for additional information.
  • Tech tip! Don’t get locked out: Have you changed your college password and found yourself locked out of your account? This can happen when you have your email on personal devices, e.g., smartphones, iPads, computers, refrigerators, TVs. Your device continues to attempt to log in with the old password and causes your account to lock out.

    Any time you change your password, go through all of your devices and either apply the new password or remove the account if you no longer need it. If you are locked out, continue updating all of your devices and wait 30 minutes. Your account should unlock when you no longer have devices trying to use the old password.
  • FA wall calendars: Get this year’s wall calendar from your EC rep or in one of the adjunct offices. Note the new negotiations meetings dates and times on page 4 (updated from the wall calendar). Also, Making Strides Jones Beach is on 10/21 and Making Strides at the Eastern Campus is on 10/28.

  • Making Strides at the Eastern Campus: This year, the FA is unable to do the Making Strides event at Jones Beach, so all of our energies will be concentrated on the Making Strides event at the Eastern Campus on October 28. Join us at SCCC Foundation tent at 8 am, then stroll the lovely, bucolic campus with us while raising awareness for a great cause. Donations can be made on the TEAM FA page!