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May 2018


FA shows appreciation to leaders and activists
Cynthia Eaton


  Elisa Mancuso and Pete DiGregorio
Elisa Mancuso, one of the trained mediators for our FA Conflict Mediation Program, enjoys a laugh with FA Treasurer Pete DiGregorio at the leadership appreciation luncheon on May 4 at the Snapper Inn, Oakdale. (photo by Victoria Pendzick)

The ways in which our members can and do contribute to our vibrant union are many and varied. That's why we look forward to the annual leadership appreciation celebration each year. On May 4, we thanked dozens of FA leaders and activists at The Snapper Inn in Oakdale.

Included at the event were the following:

  • Executive Council Representatives
  • AFT/NYSUT delegates
  • Web manager
  • Community outreach committee
  • Professors on Wheels volunteers
  • Holiday Party volunteers
  • Sabbatical committee
  • Faculty retraining & development committee
  • College personnel committee
  • Election committee
  • Mediation committee

Thank you to all who contribute to the good work of the Faculty Association! We need your efforts now more than ever.

Attendees at the FA Leadership Appreciation Luncheon at the Snapper Inn, Oakdale, included, from left, William Silverman, Kathy McCoy, Jason Englert, Debra Sullivan, Akilah Lovell, Jonathan Sadowski, Regina Dlugokencky and Vanessa Aquino. (photo by Victoria Pendzick)