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May 2018


Peterman and Eaton recognized for service
Sean Tvelia


Two of our FA officers were recently recognized by union affiliates for their service to the labor movement.

On March 22, FA President Kevin Peterman was one of three honorees this year at the Long Island Federation of Labor's Annual Reception at Hofstra University.

Hundreds of union members, elected officials, community partners and supporters honored Kevin, along with John Theissen, founder of the John Theissen Children's Foundation, as well as the Honorable Roberta Reardon, Commissioner of the New York State Department of Labor.

Congratulations to Kevin for receiving the Long Island Federation 2018 Leadership Award.

This year's Long Island Federation of Labor Leadership Award recipients pose with Executive Director Roger Clayman at far left and President John Durso at far right. From left, award recipients are John Thiessen, Kevin Peterman and Roberta Reardon. (photo courtesy LI Fed)
Kevin Peterman speech NYSUT staff
In the photo at left, Kevin Peterman gives his acceptance speech. At right, Peterman is joined by several staff members of NYSUT (from left): Damon Levenstein, the FA's Labor Relations Specialist; Jonathan Rubin, Director of Field and Affiliate Services; and Peter Verdon, Suffolk Regional Staff Director. (photo by Victoria Pendzick)


One month later, at the NYSUT Representative Assembly in Buffalo on April 27, FA Secretary Cynthia Eaton was recognized, alongside Bethany Gizzi of the Monroe Community College Faculty Association, as NYSUT Higher Education Member of the Year.

This is the first time that two community college local leaders have been selected in the same year.

NYSUT produced a short video about Cynthia, which can be viewed here.

Congratulations to Kevin and Cynthia and, as Cynthia notes at the end of her video, we ALL need to keep in mind the power of collective voice. As we like to say in the union, "If you're doing it alone, you're doing it wrong." We need all of our FA members to work together and bring their voices together to help keep us strong.

I encourage you to do just that by recommitting to being an FA member by completing this NYSUT form (yes, even though you're already a member!): NYSUT Membership. Be sure to enter our NYSUT affiliate number, 39-045, where it asks for "local name."

Cynthia Eaton
Click here to view the NYSUT-produced video about Cynthia Eaton, Higher Education Member of the Year 2018. Eaton received this award at the NYSUT RA alongside Monroe Community College Faculty Association President Bethany Gizzi.