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May 2018


EC election results are in
Cynthia Eaton


  EC reps at leadership luncheon
EC reps who have ably served us for years include Matt Pappas (left) and Priscilla Pratt (second from left) as well as Bruce Seger (right). With them, from left, are Naheda Al-Hihi, Akilah Lovell and Debra Sullivan. (photo by Victoria Pendzick)

The spring 2018 election results are in and have been officially certified by the Executive Council during our May 10 meeting. Results are below.

Thank you to all of our EC representatives for your dedicated service to our union. Without you, we would not be able to accomplish all that we accomplish.

In the following ten positions the incumbents ran unopposed and are thus continuing as EC reps:

FT Reps - Ammerman

  1. Music, Visual Arts, Theatre, Philosophy, Women’s Studies (Alex Nohai-Seaman)
  2. Nursing, Health and Human Services, Phys Ed (Lisa Aymong)
  3. Biology and Physical Sciences (Matt Pappas)
  4. Accounting, Business Administration, Business Information Systems, Legal Studies (Kevin McNamara)
  5. Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Technology (Mike Simon)
FT Reps - Grant

  1. Nursing, Health Science, Phys Ed, Veterinary Science (Alice Tobin)
College-wide Constituent-based PA & Specialist Representatives

  1. Technical Areas, Instructional Centers (Andrew Stone)
Adjunct Reps

  1. Business, Accounting, Communications, Telecom (Marcial Gallimore)
  2. Nursing, Phys Ed, Health Sciences (Lea Dato)
  3. Foreign Languages, ESL, ASL, Reading (Marshal Stein)
In two positions, the incumbents are stepping down and one unopposed constituent is running for that position. Thank you to Nina Acquavita and Kim Ng Southard for their good service to the union, and congratulations to our newly elected reps Mary Schafer and David Clark.

  1. Eastern FT rep in library, humanities, and counseling: Nina Acquavita is stepping down, and Mary Schafer (ESL) has been elected to that position.
  2. Ammerman FT rep in English: Kim Ng Southard is stepping down, and David Eugene Clark has been elected to that position.
In two positions, we had contested elections. Congratulations to Tara Fagan and Bob Anzalone.

  1. Grant FT rep in library/counseling/media: Tara Fagan ran against Bruce Seger and was successful.
  2. Adjunct rep in social sciences: Bob Anzalone ran against Danielle DiMauro and was successful.
In three positions, we have vacancies: Any constituent in these three areas who’s interested in the position should contact FA Secretary Cynthia Eaton as soon as possible. 

  1. Grant FT rep in humanities
  2. adjunct rep for PAs & specialists in skills centers
  3. adjunct rep for PAs & specialists in instructional labs.