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February 2018


Uncomplicate your life with NYSUT Social Services
Cynthia Eaton


nysut member benefits

The lives of FA members are complicated:

  • We help provide support for our older loved ones.
  • We've been through hospitalization.
  • We deal with issues relating to debt.
  • We strive to achieve work/life balance when caregiving for our dependents.
  • We struggle with addictive behaviors.
  • We've arranged for assistance for victims of violence or for individuals with disabilities.
  • We've felt the need for marital or family counseling.

All of the above are regular inquiries we field from members, and we know that juggling all of life's responsibilities and challenges can be difficult at times.

To help manage some of that stress, we recommend that members take advantage of NYSUT Social Services. This confidential and free program provides information, advice and assistance from caring, highly qualified professionals.

The program not only covers you as the member but also your concerns about your spouse or domestic partner, your children, your parents and your parents-in-law.

There are different support services for in-service members and retirees in a variety of categories.

As we say in the union, "If you're doing it alone, you're doing it wrong." Reach out to NYSUT Social Services today to get the information and support you and your loved ones need.