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September 2017


Adjunct update: Mark your calendars
Kevin McCoy


FA web calendar

Let’s get organized

One of the first items on your list of things to do this week is go to the adjunct office in your department and get yourself an FA calendar. If there are no calendars available, contact me and I will make sure you receive one. You can also access our calendar at Click the calendar icon in the upper right hand corner as shown above.

I call attention to the FA calendar because there are critical deadlines adjuncts must be aware of to request assignments and to get certified for additional courses or assignments. To be put on the seniority list, you must submit your NORA form before the NORA deadline.

If you don’t submit your NORA, you won’t be put on the seniority list and won’t receive an assignment until all other adjuncts receive their assignments. This is called the “wait list,” and you don’t want to be there. This happened several times last year.

Also, after you receive your assignments, you must accept each assignment.

Finally, if you want to be certified to teach another class, there is also a deadline. Below are some key dates for the upcoming semester.

  • 9/20 — Rosh Hashanah (no evening classes)
  • 9/21 — Rosh Hashanah (no day classes)
  • 9/28 — First adjunct paycheck
  • 9/29 — Yom Kippur (no evening classes)
  • 9/30 — Yom Kippur (no day classes)
  • 10/6 — NORA available
  • 10/10 — Professional Development Day (no classes)
  • 10/15 — Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (Jones Beach)
  • 10/27 — NORA requests due
  • 10/30 — Adjunct certification requests due
  • 11/22 — Conversion day: Thurs. classes meet rather than Wed.; no evening classes
  • 11/23-11/26 — Thanksgiving recess
  • 11/27 — Adjunct new hire observations due
  • 11/28 — Adjunct assignments posted
  • 12/1 — Adjunct promotion observations due
  • 12/9 — Adjunct faculty accept/decline due: winter
  • 12/16 — Adjunct faculty accept/decline due: spring
  • 12/23 — Last day of the fall semester

Adjunct dues resolution and committee

Last April the FA introduced a resolution at NYSUT’s Representative Assembly that asked NYSUT to establish a task force to address the dues structure for adjuncts who pay NYSUT dues at more than one institution.

Many adjuncts work at multiple NYSUT institutions and they pay dues at each. The resolution passed at the Representative Assembly.

Then in August, NYSUT formed the committee, and Kevin Peterman has been selected to be a member. Thus, I will be gathering information on how many of our adjuncts are paying dues at multiple NYSUT institutions and will pass this information along to the committee.

If you have any suggestions for the committee, please contact me at