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September 2017


Celebrating faculty promotions
Sean Tvelia


Publishing the list of faculty promotions each September is one of the highlights of my year.

The list shows that our members are committed to their teaching and other duties on campus, to their college and community service and to their personal and professional growth: the three areas assessed for promotion.
It shows that our faculty are engaged in representing SCCC well off campus, in bringing community members onto campus and in being responsive to the needs of our students.

Promotion is a way of saying “your work is valued.” I hope you’ll contact me ( or attend one of our promotion workshops in the spring to prepare for your next promotion—because we are only as strong as our members are strong.

Congratulations to the following faculty on their promotions this year!

Full time faculty

to professor

Alzugaray, Maria (G)
Buckley, Laurey (E)
Green, Constance (A)
Gutowski, Sarah (E)
Joseph, Yvon (G)
Kim, Myung Chul (A)
Kinney, Martha (G)
Kiraly, Carmen (G)
Lipnick, Catherine (A)
Mahabir, Joy (G)
Seshadri, Padma (G)
Teason-Cook, Lisa (A)
Tobin, Alice (G)

to associate professor

Christine Bosco-Lamgert (A)
Raymond DiSanza (A)
Michelle Gentile (G)
Nicholas Giordano (A)
Meridith Leo (A)
Wren Levitt (A)
Elizabeth McCormick (A)
Jason Ramirez (G)
Bruce Seger (G)
Janet Simpson (G)
Melanie Weinstein-Zeolla (G)

to assistant professor

Kerry Carlson (G)
Christina DeLustro (E)
Adela Johnson (E)
Jill Malik (G)
Janet Stevens (E)

to specialist 2

Kathy Massimo (C)
Janet Tierney (E)

to PA 2

Lisa Behnke (A)
Timothy Giardina (G)
Danielle Groneman (G)
Timothy Kiley (G)
Deborah Kaufmann (G)
Rebecca Pearson (A)
Joan Wozniak (G)

to PA 1

Laura Alberts (G)

Adjunct faculty

to adjunct professor

Donna Ciampa
Vishwas Joshi
Debasish Roy

to adjunct associate professor

Patricia Coyle
Anthony Greco
Joseph Kevles
Susan Koukounas
Edward Langenback
Raymond Martinez
Theresa McNamee
Matthew Okerblom
Patricia Parr
Linda Sbarra
James W. Smith, Jr.
Virginia Smith
Ranelle Wolf

to adjunct assistant professor

Raul Armendariz
Douglas Brett
Paulette Brinka
Soren Dahl
Jessica DeHart
Dawn DiPeri
Melissa Dos Santos
Daniel Feld
Diana Gallagher
Laura Gannon
Marianne Giller
James Gilliland
Robert Golden
Christina Hamm
Jeanne Harmer
Jessica Hautsch
Matthew Iannucci
Kathleen Kennedy
Gil Link
Christopher Loewen
Karone Luquer
Brian McFadden
Andrea Merkx
Steven Meyn
Saadia Rafiq
Brittney Reilly
Judy Rosado
Trisha Rossi
Jon Schippers
Kathryn Troy
Chris Vivas
Nolan Walker

to adjunct PA 2

Patricia Carrai
Ann Cassell
Harry Colwell
Marco Flores
Evgeni Kabotyanski
Sue Ann Orlando-Lundquist
Karl Spielmann

to adjunct PA 1

Toddy Marotta
Valerie McKeon
John Verbeke