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June 2017


Results of 2017 FA election are in
Cynthia Eaton


elections committee
The elections committee count ballots for the spring 2017 FA elections. They are, from left front, Marcial Gallimore, Rebecca Turner Wallace, Deb Kiesel, Laura Galletta, Doug Cody and Marshall Stein (far right).

"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees... I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer." — F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

At the outset of this new beginning of summer, I announce the results of our latest FA elections. But first I must extend gratitude to the following FA members who volunteered to count the election ballots:

    • Doug Cody, Co-Chair
    • Marshal Stein, Co-Chair
    • Laura Galletta
    • Marcial Gallimore
    • Deborah Kiesel
    • Rebecca Turner Wallace

Below are this year's election results, with the names of newly elected delegates and area representatives are in bold font. Please join me in extending congratulations!


incumbent or
outgoing rep


Officers & Delegates
  • President
Kevin Peterman Kevin Peterman
  • Executive Vice President
Sean Tvelia Sean Tvelia
  • Secretary
Cynthia Eaton Cynthia Eaton
  • Treasurer
Peter DiGregorio Peter DiGregorio
  • Grievance Officer
Dante Morelli Dante Morelli
  • Adjunct Coordinator
Kevin McCoy Kevin McCoy
  • NYSUT/AFT Delegate
Kevin McCoy Andrew Stone
  • NYSUT/AFT Delegate
Matt Pappas Matt Pappas
  • NYSUT/AFT Delegate
Peter DiGregorio Joan Cook
  • Math
Jane-Marie Wright Jane-Marie Wright
  • Communications, Languages, Reading, TV/ Radio/Film
Melanie Weinstein-Zeolla Melissa Adeyeye
  • Library, Central
Krista Gruber Rebecca Turner
  • Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Justice
Denise Haggerty Christina Bosco
  • Counseling, Co-op Ed
Matt Zisel Matt Zisel
  • Science, Math, Social Science, Business, Nursing, Culinary, PE
Nic Pestieau Nic Pestieau
  • Natural Sciences, Math
Davorin Dujmovic Davorin Dujmovic
  • Business, HVAC, CIS, Technology, ETU Coordinator
Ali Laderian Eric Weinstein
  • Social Sciences
Andrea Macari Andrea Macari
Professional Assistants    
  • Programmatic
Lisa Behnke Lisa Behnke
  • Instructional Labs
Deb Kiesel Deb Kiesel
  • Counseling, Education, Freshman & College Seminar
Ina Casali Ina Casali
  • Science, Engineering, Automotive
Doug Cody Doug Cody
  • English
Katelynn DeLuca Katelynn DeLuca
  • Culinary, Fire Protection Technology, Library, Electrical Tech, Drafting, Interior Design
Priscilla Pratt Priscilla Pratt
  • Humanities, Arts, Music, Philosophy
Jill Santiago vacant
  • Math
Russell David vacant
  • Guild/Retiree, PA/Specialist - Programmatic
Chris Gherardi Chris Gherardi