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December 2016


FA Holiday Party spreads good cheer
Cynthia Eaton


FA President Kevin Peterman (center) poses with SCCC Board of Trustees Chair Theresa Sanders (left) and Suffolk County Legislator Monica Martinez. (photo by Dante Morelli)

At this year's holiday party, good cheer—with dinner, drinks and dancing—was everywhere!

We applauded this year's Faculty Association (FA) and Guild (G) retirees and sent them off with well wishes for a long, happy and healthy retirement:

  • Kathleen Burger (G)
  • MaureenBybee (G)
  • Sylvia Camacho (G)
  • Lawrence Cavanagh (FA)
  • Norman Daniels (G)
  • Sandra Emmachild (FA)
  • Kenneth Ettlinger (FA)
  • Cheryl Every-Wurtz (FA)
  • Elizabeth Foley (FA)
  • Richard Frelich (G)
  • Jane Hecker-Cain (FA)
  • Jeffery  Kluewer (FA)
  • Priscilla Macduff (FA)
  • Carol Mauro (FA)
  • Harry Rooney (FA)
  • Steven Schrier (FA)
  • Michael Weissberg (FA)
    Some of this year's retirees include, from left, Norman Daniels, Carol Mauro, Ken Ettlinger and Richard Freilich. (photo by Dante Morelli)

We also welcomed the following new members who have joined the college this year:

  • Wendy Bernardis (FA)
  • Ivonne Cummings (FA)
  • Margarita Espada Santos (FA)
  • Michael Forte (G)
  • Andrea Geib (FA)
  • Kenya Harvey (FA)
  • Roxanne Jackson (FA)
  • David Johnson (G)
  • Hypatia Martinez (FA)
  • Caitlin Parzych (FA)
  • Peter Pernice (FA)
  • Keith Perrucci (FA)
  • Zhenyu Sheng (FA)
  • Jacqueline Stack (FA)
  • Brendan Sullivan (FA)
  • Christopher Wallace (FA)
  • Paul Wu (FA)
  • Charles Yeager (FA)
Each year FA members generously volunteer a bit of time to staff the check-in table and to help sell raffle tickets. Thank you for making our party a success! (photo by Dante Morelli)

We held another successful raffle, with terrific prizes generously donated by the following groups and organizations: Buchbinder, Tunick & Co. LLP, Daniel H. Cook Associates, General Vision Services, Mirkin & Gordon, Stacey Braun Associates and St. James Dry Cleaners.

The lucky 50/50 raffle winner this year is retiree Carol Mauro.




Incoming FA Treasurer Pete DiGregorio (left) shares a laugh with the FA's Executive Vice President Sean Tvelia.
(photo by Dante Morelli)
FA members enjoy dinner
as well as dancing to the dynamic and perennial favorite band Studio G. Join us next December!
(photo by Dante Morelli)