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September 2016


Welcoming and assisting new members
Sarah Kain Gutowski


new member coordinators
FA new member coordinator Sarah Kain Gutowski (third from left) poses with our campus coordinators, from left: Jonathan Brockman (Ammerman), Nina Acquavita (Eastern) and Pete DiGregorio (Grant). (photo by Kevin Peterman)

As college-wide new member coordinator for the FA, I'd like to welcome the following new members into our college community.

If you see any of our newest colleagues, listed below, on campus, please extend an extra special welcome (and congratulations!) to them.

Also, please remind them that they should keep in touch with their assigned FA mentor*, go to the FA Bagel Brunch offered on their campus, attend the Faculty Association Discussion Series conversations (as many topics are geared especially to their concerns) and come to the FA Holiday Party in early December—it's free in their first year!

Knowing what a large, complex organization SCCC is, the FA provides all these resources and more to our new members.

* If any new member isn't certain of their assigned mentor, have them contact their campus new member coordinator or me: our contact information is linked in the caption above.

  • Bernardis, Wendy – Continuing Ed (A)
  • Cummings, Ivonne – Continuing Ed (A)
  • Espada-Santos, Maria – Theater (A)
  • Harvey, Kenya – Entrepreneurial Assistance Program (G)
  • Jackson, Roxanne – Art (A)
  • Johnston, Christine – Office of Instructional Technology (C)
  • Martinez, Hypatia – Mental Health (G)
  • Parzych, Caitlin – Human Services (A)
  • Pernice, Peter – Automotive (A)
  • Perrucci, Keith – Physical Therapy (A)
  • Scheng, Zhenyu – Chemistry (A)
  • Stack, Jacqueline – Nursing (A)
  • Sullivan, Brendan – Automotive (A)
  • Vittorio, Andrea – Counseling (G)
  • Wallace, Christopher – Special Programs (G)
  • Wu, Paul – Networking (C)
  • Yeager, Chuck – Social Science (A)