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February 2016


It's election season in the FA
Marie Hanna



As chair of the Elections Committee, I would like to remind the membership that elections are being held for several Executive Council (EC) seats, according to the rules in Section VII.B. of the FA Election Procedures, which reads in part that "The EC rep in each constituency shall be designated the elections chairperson of that constituency, and shall conduct elections, unless he/she is running for office, in which case an acting elections chairperson shall be designated."

EC reps whose terms are expiring are listed below (names are in parenthesis), but first here is the election timetable:

  • March 14, 12:00 p.m.
Request for nominations: Click here for the nomination.pdf form (nominations must be submitted to FA office in writing)
  • March 31, 12:00 p.m.
Close of nominations
  • April 14
General membership meeting
  • April 15, 5 p.m.
Ballots mailed to the home in all college-wide open elections
  • May 3, 12 p.m.
Close of voting and ballot counting
  • May 12, 3:45 p.m.
Certification of election results at EC meeting
  • June 1, 1 p.m.
Term begins for elected EC reps


Full-Time Representatives

Ammerman Campus
  • Music, Visual Arts, Theatre, Philosophy, Women's Studies (Alex Nohai-Seaman)
  • Nursing, Health and Human Services, Physical Education (Lisa Aymong)
  • Biology and Physical Sciences (Matt Pappas)
  • Accounting and Business Administration/Business Law (Kevin McNamara)
  • English (Audrey DeLong)
  • Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Justice (vacant, one-year term)
  • Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial Technology (Mike Simon)

Eastern Campus
  • Library, Humanities, Counseling (Teresa Morales)

Grant Campus
  • Nursing, Health Science, PE, Veterinary Science (Carmen Kiraly)
  • Library, Counseling, Media (Bruce Seger)
  • Humanities (vacant)

In the case of at-large college-wide, constituent-based PA representatives as well as the adjunct representatives, the FA Elections Committee will conduct elections.

College-wide Constituent-based Representatives
  • Technical Areas, Instructional Centers (Andrew Stone)
  • Programmatic (Maureen Arma) (vacant, one-year term)


Adjunct Representatives

  • Business, Accounting, Communications, Telecom (Marcial Gallimore)
  • Nursing, Physical Education, Health Sciences (Adam Holtzer)
  • Humanities, Arts, Music, Philosophy (vacant, one-year term)
  • Foreign Language/ESL/ASL/Reading (Marshal Stein)
  • Social Sciences (vacant)
  • Counseling, Education, Freshman & College Seminar (vacant, one-year term)
  • PAs/Specialists - Skills Centers (Maureen Sandford)
  • PAs/Specialists - Instructional Labs (Joan Cook)