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May 2015


The FA is well represented at the RA
Cynthia Eaton


kevin peterman
Kevin Peterman prepares to announce a resolution at the NYSUT RA. (photo by El-Wise Noisette/NYSUT)

The FA was well represented at this year's RA.

The NYSUT Representative Assembly (RA) is our statewide parent union's policy-making body. At the annual RA elected delegates debate and vote on proposed amendments to the NYSUT constitution and bylaws as well as proposed resolutions.

The May 1-2 event in Buffalo was attended by the FA officers Kevin Peterman, Sean Tvelia, Marie Hanna, Joyce Gabriele, Peter DiGregorio and Cynthia Eaton as well as elected delegates Kevin McCoy and Dante Morelli.

Three of these activists played additional, important RA roles. President Kevin Peterman, vice chair of the college and university resolutions committee, presented several resolutions that directly impact the lives of higher ed faculty within NYSUT.

sean tvelia
Sean Tvelia listens from the dais as a proposed health and safety resolution is debated. (photo by El-Wise Noisette/NYSUT)

Sean Tvelia, executive vice president, also presented a number of resolutions before the delegation. A long-time vice chair of the healthcare and workplace and safety resolutions committee, Tvelia has been chair for the past three years.

In addition Dante Morelli, newly elected grievance officer, has been serving as vice chair of the civil and human rights resolutions committee.

Morelli also contributed to the RA this year by developing a resolution regarding faculty use of Pearson textbooks, which was ultimately passed at the RA. The text of resolution is below. We appreciate Morelli's commitment to unionism and solidarity with our brothers and sisters in K12 and invite you to consider avoiding Pearson products as well.

RESOLUTION: Encouraging Higher Education Faculty Not to Adopt Pearson Textbooks
Whereas, Pearson Education Company has a $32 million contract with New York State to design and implement Common Core testing; and
Whereas, Pearson has bullied K-12 educators by placing a “gag order” on teachers from discussing what is on the Common Core test; and
Whereas, there has been a long, unfriendly history of Pearson administering standardized tests in K-12; and
Whereas, faculty in higher education have the academic right and freedom to choose the textbook(s) they wish to use for their courses; and
Whereas, Pearson is one of the leaders in the publishing and selling of college textbooks;
therefore let it be
RESOLVED, that faculty in higher education within NYSUT stand in solidarity with their K-12 sisters and brothers not to adopt textbooks published by Pearson for their respective courses.