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April 2015


FYI: Highlights from the Executive
Council and other news of note


good to know!
  • Information/updates on COL101 training: For our members who teach college seminar courses, remember that the course is now one credit/one contact hour, will meet for ten weeks and there is a separate seniority list for college seminar courses. 

    There was a recent email notification regarding a college seminar meeting on May 2. Please note that this meeting is not mandatory; attendance is voluntary. Faculty who are currently certified will continue to be certified for the course regardless of attendance at this meeting. Materials from the workshop will be available online for faculty unable to attend. 

  • Vote in the FA elections: Don’t forget to vote in this spring’s EC elections! The list of areas in which elections are being held this year is in the last issue of The WORD. Things to know:
    • Ballots must arrive in the FA’s post office box before Wednesday, April 29, at noon. Do not bring your ballot to the FA office; this will invalidate your vote. Follow the instructions on the ballot and send it via U.S. postal service.
    • Only members who have completed a voter registration card and enrollment form are eligible to vote. If you haven’t submitted the above forms and wish to vote in future elections, contact the FA office at 451-4151.

  • priority registrationPriority registration for the summer and fall 2015 terms begins on April 13: The FA and college request your support in sharing information on priority registration with your students. Please encourage students to meet with an advisor and register during the time frame especially designed for them! Taking advantage of their priority status helps ensure they are not closed out of courses and enhances the college's ability to plan more efficiently.

    Students may visit an Academic Advising and Mentoring Center, faculty member or counseling center now for advisement. Students can see their assigned registration dates and additional instructions in MySCCC.

  • Commencement is May 17; order regalia online by April 17: The FA encourages all members to attend Commencement on Sunday, May 17, at 10:00 a.m. Faculty should RSVP for the event in MySCCC as well as order their regalia by April 17. Commencement is a time for faculty to demonstrate their pride in the hard work and accomplishments of the graduating class.

  • plant salesThe FA plant sales: Our annual spring plant sales benefitting AHRC Suffolk County will be held on the Ammerman and Grant campuses later this month: Wed., 4/22, on the Ammerman campus and Wed., 4/29, at Grant. All proceeds to directly to AHRC Suffolk. Since 2004 the FA's successful plant sales have raised nearly $40,000 for this worthy organization.

  • Prescription drug claim forms: Prescription drug claims for 2014 must be received by Daniel H. Cook by April 30, 2015. The form is available at the Benefit Fund office, Southampton 224D (Ammerman), or on our

  • Mark your calendars and vote on your local school budget on May 19: Don’t forget to vote on the budget for your local school district on Tuesday, May 19. Learn more about specific district funding on the NYSUT website.