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November 2016


Kevin can't wait
Kevin Peterman


Kevin Peterman works the phone banks at NYSUT Headquarters on October 18, 2016. FA members staffed the phone banks for several hours, contacting fellow NYSUT members about the NYSUT 2016 endorsements. (photo courtesy of NYSUT)

There is a comedy on TV: "Kevin Can Wait." I’ve never viewed it and all I know is that its star is Kevin James and he is a Long Islander. While he may be able to wait, I cannot!

I cannot wait until the election on November 8.

I cannot wait until all campaigns stick to the issues and stop going negative.

I cannot wait until we have both sides of the aisle working together on solutions.

I cannot wait to have nine members on the Supreme Court.

I cannot wait any longer for voters to VOTE on Election Day.

I cannot wait until we have a woman president!

On October 13, 2016, Dante Morelli and Cynthia Eaton dropped off nearly 50 voter registration forms collected during the collaborative FA/student campus voter registration drives.

Some are not happy with the choices we have this November in the presidential race. All I ask is that you look at the issues—what the candidates stand for.

What are the issues? NYSUT provides a side-by-side comparison chart on issues that matter to us as academic unionists in its 2016 Voter Guide.

What kind of Supreme Court nominees will each candidate propose?

Will they divide or unite us?

This November we also have state senators and assembly people running for election or reelection. These elections matter too!

What kind of support will we get for higher education funding?

Other FA members who staffed the NYSUT phone banks on October 18 include, clockwise from top right: Executive Vice President Sean Tvelia, adjunct EC rep Marshall Stein, EC rep Lisa Behnke, Grievance Officer Dante Morelli and at center EC rep Kim Ng Southard. (photos by Kevin Peterman)

For labor issues?

For social justice issues? We ask that you consider the endorsements of NYSUT, the Long Island Federation of Labor, and the New York State AFL-CIO.

I said it last month: this election is THAT important.

We need to vote on November 8.

I cannot think of any reason or excuse not to vote! Why? Because activism works!

And, as I said, "Kevin can’t wait" and we can’t wait.