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September 2016


Making Strides for Anita, FA members, loved ones
Cynthia Eaton


Anita Greifenstein

Making Strides
Against Breast Cancer

Sunday, October 16, at Jones Beach

1 Ocean Parkway, Wantaugh, Fields 4 and 5
TEAM FA meets at 8 a.m. at the NYSUT tent

Anita Greifenstein, our office manager and the face of the FA to many, has been fighting breast cancer since last fall. Anita has participated in Making Strides for years in honor of others.

Join TEAM FA this fall to show support for Anita as well as the FA members and loved ones who have faced this tremendous challenge in their lives.

To join the team, simply register at this link:

In addition we invite members to help stitch their individual stories, their joys and sorrows, into the FA breast cancer quilt. You have two options:

  • Create your own patch: 4.25” x 5.5” allowing 1/4” seam allowance all the way around
  • Contribute to a pre-cut patch.

Submit a 3” x 5” photo and any accompanying text (or the entire patch can be text). We will print the photo and text on fabric paper to create the patch.

To submit a patch for the quilt, contact Joan Cook (

Whether you're walking for Anita and/or for others you know who have dealt with breast cancer, we hope you'll join us for fresh air, friendship, exercise and awareness raising on Sunday, October 16.