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September 2014


FYI: Highlights from
the Executive Council

by the Faculty Association


  • Adjunct/overload check and promotion bonus check: There will be seven adjunct/overload paychecks on the following dates:
    • October 2
    • October 16
    • October 30
    • November 13
    • November 26
    • December 11
    • December 23

Full-time faculty promoted on September 1, 2014, will receive their promotion bonuses (5% of base salary) in a separate check on October 9.

  • Sabbatical deadlines: Applications for the 2014-15 year are due October 15. Workshops will be held during common hour as follows:

    • Ammerman: 9/17 in the Old Field Room of the Babylon Student Center
    • Eastern: 9/24 in Corchaug 18
    • Grant: 10/1 in Sagtikos 221
  • How your adjunct/overload salary is calculated: The contact hour value of your course is multiplied by the credit/contact hour rate for your rank.

    Divide your total by the number of payrolls in the semester (usually 7) to calculate the biweekly gross amount you will receive per paycheck, e.g., an instructor teaching one three-credit class: 3 x $1,138 = $3,414, divided by 7 = $487.71 gross per paycheck.

  • FA wall calendars: Get this year’s wall calendar from your EC rep or in one of the adjunct offices. Due to popular demand, we ask that you take only one!

  • The FA thanks the building trades: The FA is grateful to the trade unionists who worked diligently with college staff to get the Riverhead Building on the Ammerman campus ready as quickly as they could.
  • Adjunct/overload pay rates:
  • The current pay rates for adjunct/ overload courses are as follows:

    • instructor - $1,138
    • assistant professor - $1,234
    • associate professor - $1,324
    • professor - $1,451