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February 2017


Win big this month from NYSUT Member Benefits
Cynthia Eaton


Join NYSUT members across the state who are winning daily prizes from NYSUT Member Benefits!

NYSUT members like you already enjoy a terrific variety of benefits and discounts (see "Keep more ca$h in your pocket" in our November 2016 issue), but this month you can also win prizes from NYSUT Member Benefits' Member Appreciation Month "in recognition of all you do to make NYSUT union strong."

NYSUT members all across the state are already winning! Prizes include Disney tickets; iPads; Kindles; Best Buy, Amazon and Target gift cards; Regal Movie gift certificates; car rental certificates; wireless speakers; and more!

Prize drawings happen daily with winners announced exclusively on the Member Appreciation Month website.

To be eligible to win, sign up before February 28, 2017, for the voluntary NYSUT Member Alert Program (MAP) email service. Emails are sent roughly once a month to notify participants about new endorsed programs and services, revisions to existing programs and special offers as well as various prize drawings.

You won't be inundated with emails; they're sent roughly once per month.

And remember: If you see a phone call or email from NYSUT Member Benefits, make sure you answer it!