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September 2014


New members, new facets
to our mentoring program

by Sarah Gutowski


Sara GutowskiOver the past two years the FA's new member program, which serves as a year-long orientation for new full-time classroom faculty and specialists, librarians, counselors and PAs, has changed in some subtle but significant ways.

For instance, last year we transformed our traditional month-long email campaigns (formerly held in October and March) into an informational blog, published September through May. Through a series of weekly posts, The Undercurrent is intended to supplement and expand upon much of the formal and informal "nuts and bolts" information found in The Underground as well as provide occasional advice about building and shaping one's career at SCCC.

And in the same spirit of mentoring and supporting our members through all stages of their careers, this year we launch the new member program's Discussion Series in cooperation with the Office for Faculty and Professional Advancement. This sequence of panel discussions will feature colleagues sharing stories and perspectives about career-building at Suffolk. The first conversation, titled "Hindsight: What You Can Learn from My First Year," will be held on Friday, September 12, from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., in the Mildred Green Room of the BSC (Ammerman). The series will continue throughout the academic year, and we encourage your attendance, whether you're a new member or entering the middle of your career. The other dates and topics in this discussion series will be as follows:

And last but not least, Katherine Aguirre joins us as the new Eastern campus new member coordinator. Glenda Denicolo and Liz Foley will continue to serve as the Ammerman campus coordinator and Grant campus coordinator, respectively. On behalf of the FA, we would like to welcome the latest additions to our college and union. Please share a friendly hello and offer assistance to our newest colleagues as they acclimate to life at SCCC.