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November 2014


The perseverance of sunshine
Tim McHeffey


making strides 2014
TEAM FA at the 2014 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk at Jones Beach on October 19. Team members' names are listed below.

The sun persevered to cast its rays through the clouds on the 65,000 in attendance at Jones Beach for the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on Sunday, October 19, 2014.

TEAM FA, our community outreach squad, expands each year, proudly walking as part of the largest group walk in the country! Well over $3 million dollars was raised to fight this dreaded disease.

“It’s my third time walking,” proudly shared SCCC nursing student Catalina Vady. She encouraged her co-workers from Onward Health Care in Melville to join the walk and the cause as well. That is how this event grew so large and wonderful—by enthusiasts spreading the good word.

Associate professor of nursing Lisa Aymong wants to spread the word too. "I like to walk as it gives me a great feeling of community. This is my fourth year, and each year it gets bigger. It's inspiring to walk with so many people, young and old, as individuals or in teams, with pictures of loved ones on their shirts or on signs. I haven't lost anyone to breast cancer but I have friends who were diagnosed and have beaten the odds."

Doug Cody, chemistry adjunct, isn't so fortunate. His late father-in-law had breast cancer, and this year Cody walked in support of a student's mother who was recently diagnosed. "Each year," Cody said, "I get to spend time with someone that I either never met before or don’t know very well. This year I spent some time getting to know the husband of one of my long-time colleagues. We realized that we actually had a lot in common. It was tremendously enjoyable. I also had the time to discuss with other FA activists how we could do some other charitable things."

"It's a good way to share Sunday morning family time," added Deborah Wolfson of the Grant math department, "with an invigorating, healthy activity." Wolfson found it inspiring to see the number of families and coordinated groups, especially students, supporting the cause. "I was reminded of the times during my children's high school and college years, of volunteerism and participation in community service, and the fun they all had." Wolfson's family, she noted, are all in agreement that Making Strides will definitely become an annual family tradition.

This particular bunch of walkers braved the morning chill with smiles to light up the boardwalk. It is this very determination that has driven the incredible momentum we have made in working towards the cure.

Shown in the photo above, from left, for this year's team are:

  1. Kai Tvelia
  2. Micah Tvelia
  3. Cynthia Eaton
  4. Bill Wolfson
  5. Kevin McCoy
  6. Ellen Schuler Mauk
  7. Brianne Schwab
  8. Joshua Wolfson
  9. Joyce Gabriele
  10. Lisa Aymong
  11. Deborah Wolfson (kneeling, front)
  12. Marie Hanna
  13. Joan Cook
  14. Doug Cody
  15. James McEneany
  16. Tony Greifenstein
  17. Anita Greifenstein
  18. Pete DiGregorio
  19. Kevin Peterman

Other walkers for TEAM FA who do not appear in the photo include the following:

  1. Carmen Kiraly
  2. Amanda Kiraly
  3. Lauren Kiraly
  4. Rachel Schmidt
  5. Sydney Schmidt
  6. Olivia Schmidt
  7. Linda Burke
  8. Tim McHeffey

All of these walkers showed a perseverance and determination not unlike the sun that day.