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Technology and Instructional Support:
Educational Technology and Distance Ed

This page answers questions about using educational technology in the classroom and about distance education opportunities.

Educational Technology

To order audiovisual equipment, such as a Smart Cart, TV, VCR or DVD player, call Media Services at:

    Ammerman - 451-4189*
    Eastern     - 548-2542*
    Grant        - 851-6742*

    * from a campus phone, dial just the last four digits

Similarly, if you would like to reserve a Smart Classroom for your class, see your academic chair or your building administrator. You also read the college's full Technological Guide on the Suffolk website.

If you experience computer problems in the classroom, Monday through Friday during the day, adjunct faculty, librarians, PAs, and counselors can call the ETU (Educational Technology Unit) for computer classroom assistance.

    Ammerman - 451-4854*
    Eastern     - 548-2607*
    Grant        - 851-6331*

    * from a campus phone, dial just the last four digits

Unfortunately, not all buildings or campuses have ETU PAs on duty in the evenings at this time. For instance, there is a PA on duty for the 3rd floor of the Riverhead Building in the evenings until 10:00 p.m. because of the number of technology labs located there. So, someone working in Islip 201 may call over there for assistance in the evenings. Please call the appropriate ETU office for your campus to find out if there is ETU evening support in your building or on your campus.

Finally, each campus has computing centers with PCs and Mac computers with various software. At the Ammerman Campus, the computing center is located in the basement of the Huntington Library; on the Eastern Campus in the Orient Building, Room 237; and at the Grant Campus in the Sagtikos Building, Room 141.

For hours of operation, and to reserve a computer lab for your classes, call the following:

    Ammerman - 451-4211*
    Eastern     - 548-2612*
    Grant -      - 851-6556*

    * from a campus phone, dial just the last four digits

Distance Education

Adjuncts are welcome to teach distance education (DE) classes, and are entitled to paid course development time and training. For more information about becoming a DE instructor, see your academic chair. Also check the Faculty Association contract, Appendix J, for the contractual provisions on distance ed.

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