DE Resources & ContactsThe FA believes that a successful DE program depends on having a strong network of experienced faculty—including DE practitioners and healthy skeptics—working to ensure that the DE courses are of high academic quality. Click any of the links below for names and contact information of people who can answer your DE questions. 

CoffeeFA Contacts

  • If you have any questions or concerns about proposing, developing, or teaching a DE course—especially if you think one of the policies or procedures has been violated—contact the FA office immediately, by email (, by phone (451-4151), or by foot (Southampton Bldg 224J, Ammerman Campus).You may also contact the FA-appointed representative to the college Distance Education Committee, Michael Benhar, by email ( or by phone (451-4496).^ back to top

Distance Education Committee (DEC) Members

  • In the last round of negotiations, which resulted in the 2005-2011 memo of agreement, the FA and college restructured the college Distance Ed Committee (DEC) to emphasize its academic nature.As per our contract, then, DEC currently consists of two governance-elected faculty representatives from each campus (total of six faculty), one Coordinator of Instructional Design, one union representative, one associate dean of instructional technology, and one campus technology administrator (the three tech admins. rotate on an annual basis). In addition, the college associate dean for continuing education attends all meetings.DEC meets on the first Thursday of every month during the fall and spring semesters. The governance-elected faculty representatives are expected to regularly provide reports to and receive input about distance education issues from their respective governance bodies.These are the members of the 2014-2015 Distance Education Committee:

FA Representative

Governance Representatives: 

Ammerman - Senate


Eastern - Congress


Grant - Assembly


College Associate Dean of Instructional Technology

  • Troy Hahn • Office of Instructional Technology

Campus Technology Deans(rotating on an annual basis)

Continuing Education

Coordinator of Instructional Development

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Faculty Peer Mentors

  • For Fall 2014, the DE peer mentors include the following individuals:

Ammerman Campus

Eastern Campus

Grant Campus

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SCCC Office of Instructional Technology

Troy HahnAnnex 101Ammerman^ back to top

Blackboard Resources

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