DE Proposals

How to Propose a
Distance Education Course


The FA has worked to negotiate contract and policy language to ensure that all of our members have a fair and equal opportunity to develop and teach DE courses.

There's a separate process for course development and for course assignment; instructions are below.

DE Contacts & Resources

DE Resources & ContactsThe FA believes that a successful DE program depends on having a strong network of experienced faculty—including DE practitioners and healthy skeptics—working to ensure that the DE courses are of high academic quality. Click any of the links below for names and contact information of people who can answer your DE questions. 

FA Staff


Faculty Association Staff

The Faculty Association is staffed by one administrative assistant for the FA and one administrator for the Benefit Fund. Both are located in Room 224J of the Southampton Building on the Ammerman Campus at SCCC (533 College Road, Selden NY 11784). 

Faculty Association Staff