The Faculty Association Benefit Fund


The Faculty Association of Suffolk Community College Benefit Fund (“FA Benefit Fund”) is a legal entity separate and distinct from the Faculty Association of Suffolk Community College (“Faculty Association”) and was established as a result of collective bargaining between the County of Suffolk and the Faculty Association. The FA Benefit Fund provides supplemental health-related and other benefits to its members and eligible dependents. Contributions to the FA Benefit Fund are predicated on the amount stipulated in the collective bargaining agreement and other pertinent documents.

The primary source of contributions to the FA Benefit Fund is the employer, the County of Suffolk. Contributions are provided at an annual rate, prorated bi-monthly, on behalf of each covered active employee. In accordance with the Agreement and Declaration of Trust, the contributions are used to provide benefits for the covered members and their eligible dependents and to finance the cost of administration.

The FA Benefit Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of seven members, six of whom are designated by the Faculty Association and one (1) of whom is designated by the Guild of Administrative Officers, according to the Agreement and Declaration of Trust. The current members of the Board of Trustees are listed at the beginning of this booklet.

The Board of Trustees employs personnel who are responsible for the daily functioning and operation of the Fund and a Third Party Administrator whose primary function is the processing of claims.


    In order to receive benefits you must complete a FA Benefit Fund Enrollment Card. This card may be obtained from the Fund Office. Once you become enrolled, it is important that you notify the Fund Office, in writing, of any changes in your marital or family status and any change of your address. Payment of benefits can be put in jeopardy if the member fails to notify the Fund of subsequent changes in marital status, change of dependent status or domicile, or neglects to confirm college-attendance status of a dependent child of their household. Proof of a change in marital status must be provided by sending a copy of your divorce decree/judgment, signed by a judge, to the Fund office. One the Fund receives the decree/judgment, you must complete a new enrollment card and designation of beneficiary form for the Fund’s Burial Benefit and Life Insurance Benefit and any other benefits which may become payable upon your death. The provision of the divorce decree/judgment will not effect the designation of your former spouse on the beneficiary card for these benefits, irrespective of what the judge has ordered or the parties have agreed to. You must complete, sign and file with the Fund office a new enrollment card in order to change your beneficiary designation. Only those beneficiaries listed on a member’s duly executed designation of beneficiary card will be entitled to receive the appropriate benefits.


      All claims for benefits must be submitted on claim forms made available by the Fund Office or the Third Party Administrator. Claims must be accompanied by any information or proof requested and reasonably required to process claims including your name, address and social security number.

      With respect to any benefits payable to a deceased member upon their date of death, or with respect to death benefits payable by virtue of the death of the member where the member’s designated beneficiary has predeceased the member and as successor has not been designated, or where the member has not designated a beneficiary, then these benefits will be made payable to the first surviving class of the following classes of successive preference beneficiaries:

      The covered member’s

      • a. surviving spouse;
        b. if no surviving spouse, to the surviving children equally; or
        c. if no surviving children, to the surviving parent(s), equally or
        d. if no surviving parent(s), to the surviving sibling(s), equally; or
        e. if no surviving sibling(s), to the covered member’s estate.



        The benefits provided by the FA Benefit Fund may be changed by the Benefit Fun’s Board of Trustees. The Fund’s Trustees adopt rules and regulations for the payment of benefits and all provisions of this booklet are subject to such rules and regulations and to the Trust Indenture which established and governs the FA Benefit Fund operations.

        Decisions of the Fund Administrator and Fund third party administrators (jointly considered the "Fund Office") are subject to review by the Trustees upon appeal. The Fund Office uniformly applies all rules. The action of the Fund Office is subject only to review by the Fund’s Trustees. An appeal must be filed with the Fund within sixty (60) days of denial of the claim, by submitting notice in writing to the Benefit Fund’s Board of Trustees, Faculty Association of Suffolk Community College Benefit Fund, Southampton 224D, 533 College Road, Selden, New York 11784. The Trustees shall act on the appeal within a reasonable period of time and render their decision in writing, which shall be final, conclusive, and binding on all persons.